Welcoming Address by Thomas Geisel - Mayor of the City of Düsseldorf
Patron of the SinoJobs Career Days in Düsseldorf

Thomas GeiselDear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the SinoJobs Career Days 2017 in the state capital of Düsseldorf! I am very excited that Düsseldorf is once again hosting this career and recruitment fair this year, and I am happy to sponsor it once more.

Düsseldorf is a popular, dynamic location for China and it holds a unique position because nowhere else in Europe have there been more direct Chinese investments in the last year than here. This record was also made possible by the city's economic growth with its Chinese centre of excellence that accompanies and supports Chinese investors along the Rhine.

The companies here offer highly attractive jobs to professionals working with China, and our city in the heart of Europe also benefits from its diverse Chinese infrastructure, its beautiful location on the Rhine, and a broad range of cultural life. And with its annual China Festival, the growing Chinese community thankfully shows its connection to the city's society.

Düsseldorf was the focus of special attention this year, especially in the Asian world, as the host city of the Table Tennis World Cup. I hope that you, too, will draw your eyes to Düsseldorf and take the opportunities that our strong economic position and livable city offer.

I wish all exhibitors and visitors to the SinoJobs Career Days 2017 a successful event in Düsseldorf.


Thomas Geisel
Mayor of the
State Capital Düsseldorf


Welcoming Address by Josef Schmid - Second Mayor of the City of Munich - Head of the Department of Labor and Business
Patron of the SinoJobs Career Days in Munich

Josef SchmidDear visitors to the SinoJobs Career Days,

Munich is an important international economic hub in Europe. For that reason, I am happy that the link between China and Munich continues to grow. The SinoJobs Career Days contribute to this growth considerably, and have evolved into an important focal point for Bavarian and Munich-based companies so that they can recruit well-educated professionals for the Chinese market. But the conference also provides a crucial contact and information platform for qualified professionals from China who are interested in living and working in Bavaria and Munich.

More than 60 Chinese companies have already elected to establish branches and offices in the Munich economic area. The Bavarian state capital wins them over with an efficient infrastructure, a pool of highly qualified professionals, and the proximity to customers and cooperation partners from the worlds of business and commerce. With direct connections to the Chinese metropolises of Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai, Munich Airport offers both business travelers as well as individuals the best criteria for a quick and simple trip.

Over 7,000 Chinese nationals currently live in Munich and every year we have the privilege of welcoming more Chinese people to the city. Numerous local Chinese initiatives and institutions help acclimate newcomers to Munich.

I wish all visitors and presenters an interesting and successful event.

Josef Schmid
Deputy Mayor
Head of Department of Labor and Economic Development
City of Munich


Welcoming Address by Ambassador Shi Mingde - Ambassador PR China for the Federal Republic of Germany

Shi MingdeFirst of all, please allow me to represent Chinese Embassy in Germany, and also in my own name, to wish the seventh SinoJobs Career Days a great success.

This year marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Germany. After decades of dynamic development, the Sino-German relationship has become increasingly mature. Not long ago, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang visited Germany successively, showing that the two countries’ mutual trust and the cooperation in various fields have becoming increasingly strengthened. In 2016, China became Germany’s largest trading partner, with the bilateral trade volume reaching 170 billion euros – accounting nearly 1/3 of the total trade volume between China and the European Union. China has played an increasingly active role in EU’s economic development. Germany now has more than 8200 enterprises in China, with a cumulative investment of over 70 billion US dollars. Meanwhile, the enthusiasm of Chinese enterprises to invest in Germany is also on the rise. According to statistics from Chinese Ministry of Commerce, as of March 2017, China had invested a total of more than 9.6 billion US dollars in Germany, being the country with the most investment projects in Germany for 3 consecutive years.

The close political relations and economic/trade cooperation between the two countries provide a broad stage for the well-educated, professional and compound talents. High-quality Chinese oversea students are especially favored by enterprises. At present, Chinese students studying in Germany are more than 40,000, making it the largest foreign student group in German universities. With experiences in two different cultures and background of studying and working in Germany, young Chinese not only got a lot of exercises in language skills and professional ability, but also broadened their horizons and cultivated a good cross-cultural communication skill. These excellent qualities will be conducive to their success in career, and will provide greater help for the recruiting enterprises as well.

Over the past six years, the SinoJobs Career Days has set up an ideal platform for outstanding companies and job seekers from both countries. Numerous Chinese and European companies are looking for scarce talents here, and more and more Chinese students and professionals see this fair as a starting point to launch their careers. I sincerely hope that the SinoJobs Career Days will continue to play a bridge role, and to make greater contributions to the economic cooperation and cultural exchanges between the two countries.

(Shi Mingde)
Ambassador PR China
for the Federal Republic of Germany


Welcoming Address Dagmar Schmidt - Member of the German Parliament - Chairman of the German-Chinese Parliamentary Group of the German Parliament

Dagmar SchmidtThe SinoJobs Career Days are a mirror of the German-Chinese relations: they are growing together and becoming ever more interlinked. More than 1,600 presenters are participating in the fair, all looking for young candidates from the two countries. Furthermore, in 2016 the People's Republic became for the first time Germany's most important trade partner. The economic cooperation between the two states is a complete success.

But it is not only the economic exchange between the two countries that is important, it is also the personal interaction. Chinese students are by now the second-largest group of foreign students in Germany: last year there were a total of 35,000. The number of German students in China is also continuouslygrowing over the years. The offers of the SinoJobs Career Days are ranging from training and apprenticeships to freelancing or dissertations. Theyprovide the applicants with the perfect opportunity for a personal intercultural exchange.

It is very exciting indeed when this exchange and experience is continued and strengthened in the professional world. I am delightedthat young people from Germany and China take up this unique and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

As the chairlady of the German-Chinese Parliamentary Group, I wish the SinoJobs Career Days a successful fair, and the participants all the best for their personal future.

Dagmar Schmidt
Chairwoman of the German-Chinese Parliamentary Group


Welcoming Address by Ilse Aigner - Bavarian State Minister for Commerce and Media, Energy and Technology

Ilse AignerWith a trade volume of 29.3 billion EUR, the People's Republic of China is Bavaria's third-largest economic partner. This close relationship offers a wide variety of perspectives on the job market, from international players to the many innovative, mid-sized companies. Among the world-renowned German companies with headquarters in Bavaria are, among others, adidas, Audi, Allianz, BMW, MAN, Munich Re, Puma, Linde, and Siemens.

When it comes to new technology, Bavaria holds leading positions both domestically and internationally. Automotive technology, air/aerospace travel, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering in particular are constantly growing and highly innovative. This is only made possible through educated engineers and qualified, motivated employees.


The SinoJobs Career Days offers the opportunity to network with companies working both with and within China. Take the chance! We look forward to seeing you!


Ilse Aigner
Bavarian Minister of State for Business and Media, Energy, and Technology