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Our media partners support the SinoJobs Career Days through manifold media activities.

Exclusive Media Partners


ChinaContact informs practice orientated as the leading German-speaking economy magazine about the economic development in China, Hong Kong and Macao. With the release of Issue 1/2014, ChinaContact - once a component of the Deutsch-Chinesische Allgemeine Zeitung - is coming out with heavily expanded amounts of pages and subjects on society, culture, health, travel, education, etc. With its constantly up-to-date supply of topics ChinaContact provides a one-stop information platform for management in companies and institutions in the German-speaking world with current or planned involvement in China - as well as their agencies in China.



Europe Times

The Europe Times is the largest Chinese newspaper in Europe and is published since 2003 by the firm CAISSA Touristic in Hamburg. As an independent monthly newspaper, it informs tourist, businessmen and in Europe living Chinese about the latest European topics in economy, politics, culture and lifestyle. The Europe Times is available at retailers at selected airports and railway stations and as the board newspaper of renowned airline on flights between Europe and China. The print version of the newspaper is supplemented since the 1st of February 2011 with the online version (, where the latest topics are taken up.



EuropeContact China

EuropeContact China presents the European economy and Europe as a business location to a broad Chinese target group, both in the industry publications Intertrade and International Economic Cooperation and through participating associations. Direct dispatch to companies and the most important organisations and political entities in the regions ensures nationwide dissemination in China.



Medienpartner China

Hujiang German, a sub-brand of, has now involved into a pioneer of online German education in China. The number of fans from their WeChat Official Account as well as Weibo counts over 200,000, making Hujiang an influential new media platform in local German circle.




YouJoy brings you the best of European lifestyle! Cool brands, trendy products and shopping secrets are waiting for you. We also keep you updated on socia lmedia trends and influencer rankings. Ourteam consists of international lifestyle ambassadors who live in Europe and love to share their experiences and insights with you. Havefun!



The magazine "Platform M & A China / Germany" is published four times a year in German and Chinese. Current news is published on the bilingual website and the associated monthly newsletter "Platform News". The aim of the platform is to describe the current situation of cross-border M & A activities between China and Germany, to present market conditions and challenges, and above all to open the potential. The target group is CEOs and managers from German and Chinese companies as well as the entire cross-border M & A community (banks, advisors, institutional investors) and opinion leaders (politicians, scientists, association representatives).





China Briefing
Since 1999 China Briefing is published by Asia Briefing Ltd., a publishing house that is dedicated to providing individuals and enterprises with the latest business and regulatory news as well as expert commentary relating to conducting business in emerging Asia. Publications of Asia Briefing include the well-known monthly China Briefing Magazine, daily online economic and regulatory news in addition to the growing portfolio of tax, legal, and business guides. Asia Briefing furthermore publishes titles on India, Vietnam and ASEAN, and cooperates with Dezan Shira & Associates, a consulting practice specialized in foreign direct investment


Märkte Weltweit
Aimed at the information needs of the business-world and business-related institutions, the product array of "Märkte weltweit" ranges from exclusive B2B newsletters about trade magazines up to a daily newspaper renowned for their foreign trade news. "Märkte weltweit" is a registered trademark of MBM Media GmbH. Due to their high-class content, many products offered by" Märkte weltweit" enjoy a unique position in their respective markets

Medienbüro Düsseldorf | Beijing

Mediapoint Düsseldorf | Beijing offers a prominent German platform for the German-Chinese business community. With its media-products, “Deutschlands China-Kalender” (Germany’s China Calendar) “China Business Forum Newsletter” and several Sino-European economic conferences, Mediapoint Düsseldorf | Beijing provides all relevant information about dates, trends and backgrounds for the German-Chinese business community. Its target groups are: decision-makers, managers and young professionals who work in the German-Chinese environment. Mediapoint Düsseldorf | Beijing was founded in 2011 by the economic journalist and China expert, Astrid Oldekop.


Asia Bridge

Through the union with Aktuell Asia the magazine Asia Bridge became since the middle of 2009 the largest German-speaking speciality economy magazine for the Asian key markets. Asia Bridge offers decision makers in the Asia context a competent orientation and opens new points of view through reports from an Asian and European perspective.

Expat News

The service portal and message portal publishes regularly information for expatriates, delegating business and emigrants. Readers can find there among other things articles and services reports on the topic of legal rights and taxes abroad, inter-cultural aspects, market entrance into foreign countries or organizations for businesses from abroad and expatriates.

The target group are people, that are professionally or privately pulled abroad, but also businesses trying to establish a branch abroad as well as personnel responsible overseeing the delegation of colleagues. Operator of the homepage is the Expat News GmbH.


People's Daily Haiwainet Germany Channel is the first national Channel of People's Daily Haiwainet in Europe of the Chinese governmental media agency. It offers news and background information on topics in science, economy, business, tourism, leisure and more. counts more than 300.000 registered users and is accessed around 1 million times per day. The website traffic shows that is one of the most popular websites for Chinese in Europe.